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1. ME 36 Review – Does ME 36 Really Work?

ME 36 ReviewNatural male enhancement is a term that is loosely tossed around on the internet, and alot of guys are confused as to what that really means. Does it mean bigger size? Does it mean better performance? Well, instead of just guessing what all of these pills actually do, we test them out ourselves. Today, we will be talking about ME 36, an “all natural male enhancement” pill that has been around for quite sometime now. We ordered a trial package direct off of their website, and wanted to report our results to you in this review, so you know what your getting yourself into. Throughout this report, we will discuss what the manufacturer promises, the ingredients, our personal results, the reviews of others and much more.


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2. What is ME 36?

Like practically every other pill we cover, ME 36 is an all natural performance enhancing supplement designed to help men with erectile dysfunction perform better in the bedroom. Located in Springfield, MO, the manufacturer of this supplement promises at least 36 hours of sexual enjoyment through just one small dosage of their product.

In respect to other male enhancement products, this pill is not designed to treat or cure any ED, but rather to lessen the effects of it. ME 36 promises to “leave here feeling beautiful and satisfied” by using their product at least 45 minutes prior to sexual contact.

3. Ingredients

ME 36 is made up of an assortment of ingredients including L-Arginine, Epimedium extract (20:1), Roy Gui, Tongkat Ali, Avena Sativa, Agmatine Sulfate, Muira Puama, and Zinc. We find that nearly 95% of the ED products we review contain L-arginine, and obviously this product is no exception.

From prior experience, I can tell you that L-Arginine works great, when blended with the right ingredients. It is a vasodilator, which simply means that it expands the blood vessels and arteries to allow for further blood flow. So how does this relate to an erection? Well, an erection is simply a rush of blood to the penis, and their is only so much blood that can fit, right? With the addition of L-Arginine, which has been scientifically prove to expand blood vessels, the arteries in the male genitalia are relaxed which means more blood flows into them. All this really means is more blood which results in a bigger erection. You still need the visual and sensual stimulation to get hard in the first place, as this does not act like a pharmaceutical drug does.

We have also seen Muira Puama introduced in numerous all natural pills such as Sextagin and Actigain. According to several reputable sites and studies, muira puama can actually work by itself to help increase sexual pleasure and arousal. There are several major retailers that sell it online, usually in concentrations of 1 gram. In addition to its aphrodisiac qualities, muira puama is also purportedly a mood enhancer. I can attest to that claim because every time I take a product that contains it, I get a very good euphoric feeling.

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Epimedium, or horny goat weed, is another one of ME-36 little treasures, and is used in countless other products. Found in the rain forests of southeast Asia, this particular weed has been used for hundreds of years to improve the intensity of orgasms, increase sexual arousal, and even improve your health. I have used it when I was taking Vicerex, and can report that it truly does work, although sometimes it can give some bad side effects.

4. Reviews

On occasion, we receive reviews from consumers who have tried ME-36 out themselves, and they will often send us their results. Below is a review that was emailed to us just last month.

“I heard alot about ME 36, and after trying alot of the pills that you had recommended, I decided to try this one as well. As you know, me and my wife were having some “problems” with our sex life, and were even seeing a therapist about it. I took your advice and decided to try this particular product and I was really surprised with the results. Big difference in my overall feeling, great orgasm (probably one of the more intense I have had), easily aroused, and no side effects. I wouldn’t take this more often than once every week or so, mainly because of its price, but all in all a great product.”
Steve, Kentucky

5. My Results

After browsing through the Amazon marketplace for about an hour, I ordered about 5 different products to test out for upcoming reviews. I ended up buying a trial package of cockstar, prolatis 2.0, and vim 25, but decided to try ME 36 first. I had read alot about this particular product before I bought it, and it looked like the majority of the guys that were using it were getting great results.

As always, I took the supplement in the morning at around 10 am after a light breakfast, in “preparation” for when my girlfriend would get home. I didn’t notice anything after 45 minutes, but that is not unusual for me when it comes to these pills. After about an hour and a half though, i started to feel the usual sensitivity in my groin area, and kind of felt a little euphoric, almost high.

After my girlfriend got home, we “did the deed” and I gotta say I was very impressed with the results. For one, sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes of foreplay to really get me going, but this time around I had a boner before the clothes even came off. The only problem with this particular product was that I couldn’t keep myself from “going” too soon. Very intense orgasm, finished off like a champ, and definitely looking to get another package when i get a chance.

6. Where To Buy

ME – 36 is sold all over the internet and in stores from a wide variety of retailers. The official website claims they have the lowest price online, which is basically true, considering that shipping is included in the price. We happened to purchase ours from a retailer called, where we got it for $5.75. This was through the online retailer Amazon, and usually where you can find the best deals.

A 6 pack of the me 36 will run you at $5.96 each, with shipping included, if you buy it on the official site. We always recommend that you purchase any of these products direct from the merchant, to reduce the risk of getting a tainted product.

7. Recommendation

As we have tried so many supplements similar to this one, we can easily say with confidence that ME 36 really does work. I especially liked the fact that it does not contain yohimbe, something that generally causes mild nausea and even the jitters. If we had to rate this particular product on a scale of 1 – 10, we would give it a 8, and the only reason was because of the premature ejaculation we experienced with it. Overall though, a solid product worth trying.

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