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nd 12 ND 12 Review

Dave’s Rating: 3.5 stars

ND-12 is one of the fast-growing herbal supplements for male sexual health that can be purchased online for oral use. According to the official claims, it is used by 3 millions men around the world and has been rated as number one male sex supplement by many. Read on to discover some distinguishing facts and characteristics about this sex pill:

What is ND-12?  

ND-12 is a male enhancement pill that comes in a capsule form for oral ingestion. It is reportedly used to boost erections and increase sexual prowess, performance and pleasure in men because of its multiple effects.

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product 

There are several user reviews and product testimonials that endorse the product both on the official as well as the third party websites. None of the testimonials or reviews is negative so far.

Composition / ingredients of ND-12 

It is typically composed of the following conventional or traditional ingredients that are herbal in nature:

Tongkat Ali, Maca, Catuaba bark, punmpkin seed extract, Nettle, Oat straw, Licorice, Astragalus, L-Arginine, Orchic, Muira Puama, Boron, Siberian Ginseng, Oyster extract, Korean Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, and zinc.

How does ND-12 work (Mode of action)? 

Due to its multiple ingredients, ND-12 reportedly works via various ways such as:

Hormonal production: It causes specific boost in the production and secretion of androgenic hormones, particularly testosterone.

Libido aggravation: Loss or lack of sexual desire (clinically known as libido) is a common complaint among men especially after the age of forty or fifty. Acting as a strong aphrodisiac, ND-12 works to provide a natural boost in male sexual desire.

Performance and pleasure exaggeration: Finally, due to its specific herbal ingredients, particularly Zinc and pumpkin seed extract, ND-12 works to provide a boost in prostatic function which results in increased semen production and sperm count. All of these effects lead to better sexual performance and heightened pleasure during intercourse.

ND-12 is for you if: 

  • You are looking for a quick solution for your enhancement problem.
  • You want to increase your sperm count and semen amount
  • You are looking for a product that comes with free shipping and Moneyback guarantee.

ND-12 is not for you if: 

  • You want to enlarge the overall size of your penis (both thickness and length) on permanent basis
  • You are suffering from premature ejaculation
  • You have been prescribed some medical allopathic drug for the treatment of some underlying cause of your sexual problems.
  • You are looking to buy the cheapest enhancement product.

Pros of ND-12 

  • Probably one of the very few enhancement products that contain both Korean and Siberian ginseng
  • It has a convenient once-a-day dosage.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world and 30-day Moneyback guarantee for full refund
  • Product has an official website that offers 24 hour toll free customer service
  • The parent company’s website has several successful users’ testimonials.

Cons of ND-12 

  • ND-12 is not backed by any clinical studies or scientific evidence.
  • One month supply costs about $54.99 which may not be affordable for all.
  • Product can be a little expensive for some especially if used in small supplied. However, if bought in bulk, product will be extremely cost effective. Each bottle of ND-12 costs only $20 if purchased as a one year-supply.

Our recommendation 

Based on the above facts, ND-12 emerges as a safe and effective male enhancement supplement. With no reported side effects and convenient OD (once a day) dosage, it sure has some potential for use. However, it would not work for permanent enlargement and is relatively expensive as compared to other supplements. Otherwise, it seems to be worth trying.

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