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Nitroxin Review  

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Nitroxin is a male enhancement supplement that comes with an endorsement from the porn industry.  Several members of it anyway.  This product claims to have been funded by a number of porn production companies, researched by a think tank of research scientists and medical professionals, and endorsed by one Miss Bree Olsen, porn star.


According to the official website Nitroxin improves your sex life in a number of ways. It puts your libido into overdrive, it gets you a huge, hard erection, and it provides permanent growth in both length and girth.  Now if you know us at all, you know we’re skeptical to say the least about that last claim.  But we’re going to do a full product review before we make any final decisions or recommendations.


How Nitroxin Works

The Nitroxin mechanism of action is a two step process.

Step One

Increase Testosterone and Dopamine.  With more testosterone, you’ll just feel more sexual.  Your libido will soar, your strength and energy will jump, and your stamina will amaze.  With more dopamine, you’ll feel better and more confident, ready to take on any challenge.

Step Two

Increase Nitric Oxide.  This allows more blood to flow into the penile chambers (corpus cavernosa to the guys in the think tank).  This blood flow is what thick, hard, powerful erections are made of.  Nitroxin says it feeds the erectile tissue directly, presumably to make it grow.

You are instructed to take Nitroxin 10 minutes before sexual activity.  The effects should begin almost immediately, but according to the FAQ section of the website, you’ll need to use it regularly to achieve real gains in permanent penis size.

Nitroxin Ingredients


The website does not provide a list of ingredients, or even an abbreviated list of only active ingredients.  This is unfortunate as it makes it very difficult for us to determine how effective Nitroxin is likely to be.



Benefits of Nitroxin

  • There is no commitment involved. You only take it as needed or desired.
  • A 60 day money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.


Drawbacks of Nitroxin

  • No ingredient list is available online so there’s no way to know what’s in Nitroxin until after you order it.
  • It promises permanent growth in penis size. This is not possible from a pill alone, especially one taken only intermittently.  Claims like this erode the credibility of the product and company.

Where to Buy

Y ou can purchase Nitroxin through the official product website.  A single bottle which is advertised as a one month supply sells for $39.95.  If you buy in bulk, you’ll pay a lower per-bottle price.  The website also offers a package that includes DVDs of Bree Olsen’s films.


We simply have trouble recommending pills that claim that they can permanently increase the size of your penis.  Nitroxin may have some merit as a sexual performance enhancer, but that’s it.  And we can’t even vouch for that because we don’t know the ingredients.  Take our humble advice.  Skip the Nitroxin.

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