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Dave Walker Date: December 16, 2013 Male Enhancement No Comments on Zygain Gum

Zygain Gum ReviewMale Enhancement gums are some of the newest versions of therapy we have come across recently, and one such gum is manufactured by a company called Zygain. This gum offers a host of benefits, including increased libido, enhanced erections, and a drastic improvement in your sex life. But can you really get all of this from a gum? Our review of Zygain gum will encompass several facets of the product, including ingredients, customer testimonials, and our own personal analysis of whether or not it really works.

What is Zygain Gum?

Manufactured by a company who makes several other products including an extender and pills, Zygain gum is a male enhancement product designed to give you increased sexual performance in the bedroom. When we first came across it, we kind of laughed it off, thinking that there is no way that a gum could do such a thing. However, after we tried a similar product (see Sexlets Gum review), and our realtively positive results from it, we decided to give Zygain gum another look.

While they do not claim permanent results, Zygain gum is one of the only of it’s kind to claim that it will make your size larger, through continous use.  The ingredients listed on the official website include many of the same ingredients that you will find in their capsule version, the majority of which we have tested out personally. It includes saw palmetto, guarana extract, niacin, maca, l-arginine, liquirice, muira puama, Ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea.

Zygain gum lists a spearmint flavor, and according to the directions you are supposed to chew one piece daily to get the best results. It can also be used for its fast acting male enhancement properties by chewing up to 3 pieces 2 hours before sexual activity.

How Does Zygain Work?

Through absorption of the ingredients through the lining of the gums, Zygain gum starts to work initially within a few hours. It works practically the same as pills do, minus the annoying side effects associated with ingesting them.

The official site does a fairly good job of describing the process of an erection, and how the ingredients in Zygain Gum work to enhance your sensitivity during sex, and basically make you want it more. We have used all of the ingredients in this product, and can attest to their potency. While there are no official reviews listed on external websites, from what we can gather from testimonials on their site, it does work effectively.


  • Limited Side Effects – If any
  • Modestly Priced
  • Good Quality Ingredients
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Discreet Shipping


  • No Doctor Testimonials
  • No Independent Third Party Reviews
  • Untested By Us


There are very few male enhancement gums on the market, and the therapy in general is fairly untested. All Zygain gum really does is deliver the same ingredients that you would find in pills or patches in a different way. Our personal experience with gums such as this has been decent, but I personally still think male enhancement pills are the way to go. However, with a 60 day money back guarantee, as well as the fact that they are a US company, leads us to believe that this product may indeed work.

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