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Zygain Complete Extender

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Zygain Complete System Review

zygain complete systemWe have been testing out many different types of extender devices recently, and during out research stumbled across a product called Zygain. This extender is actually a part of a complete male enhancement package which is supposed to give you sizeable gains faster than their counterparts.

In my personal opinion, extender’s like Zygain are some of the only reputable products that actually work for penis enlargement, and my staff and I have used them personally for great results. So how does this one compare to other products on the market? Let’s look and see exactly how this product works, as well as delve into the various components that come with it.

What is the Zygain Complete System?

Made up of a combination of a traction device, male enhancement pill, and aphrodisiac gum, Zygain is a three pronged approach to giving you a larger size. Unlike other companies which straight up sell just an extender and maybe throw in a penis enlargement dvd, this system is designed to be used in conjunction for all natural gains.

The Extender Itself

zygain extenderThe Zygain extender is actually nothing revolutionary, and the basic concept was designed in the late 80’s by a physician in Sweden. Originally called the “Jes Extender”, these devices literally strap onto the penis, and provide a constant stretching if you will, which over time allows for the cells in the male genitalia to divide and replicate. You basically wear the device from anywhere from 4 – 8 hours a day, for about 6 months, and track your progress.

The same design is used in countless other products, including the Size Genetics device, X4 Labs extender, and the Vimax extender, which all use the same basic premise. You can learn more about how extender’s work, or just watch this
simple video demonstration below.

Practically every extender we have come across works exactly this same way, and the main difference between Zygain and other extender’s is simply the construction and durability of the parts included. See how the Zygain System compares to our top choices.

Zygain Complete System Part 2 – Zygain Capsules

zygain ingredientsThe Zygain complete system also includes an order of Zygain capsules, which are to work in conjunction with the extender. These capsules contain a blend of all natural ingredients, such as horny goat weed, catuaba bark extract, oat straw, muira puama and saw palmetto.

The manufacturer does not produce a list of the quantities of these ingredients, or their origin. Like most Nutraceutical products, Zygain probably cultivates their ingredients from US farms, so they are generally accepted as safe.

It also uses an ingredient called L-Arginine, which uses a process called Vasodilatation to help increase the amount of blood flow to the penis. You can learn more about L-Arginine and Male Enhancement here.

Zygain Complete System Part 3 – Zygain Gum

zygain complete systemThe Zygain Gum was actually an interesting addition to the system, and we wondered why they even included it since the pills probably helped out enough. Except for a product called Sexlets Gum, we have never actually seen another type of male enhancement gum for sale.

It is unclear from their official website how the gum is used, but we assume that it works similar to nicotine gums. The way nicotine gums work is you chew them for a little bit, then tuck it along your gums to allow for the ingredients to be absorbed in the bloodstream. We have a full review of the Zygain Gum, check it out for more information.

So Does The Zygain System Really Work?

While most pill manufacturers make unrealistic claims that their product will give you permanent gains, the Zygain system may have some truth to matter. While no pill will give you permanent results, the extender device definitely has the potential too. When worn according to the directions and for a minimum of a few months, the Zygain Extender can produce real and dramatic results.

The only MAJOR DISADVANTAGE to the Zygain extender is that it does not appear to come with any kind of comfort mechanism. BELIEVE ME, using an extender without some sort of comfort strap can be one of the most painful experiences you will ever have. The simple fact is, if the extender is not comfortable, you will not wear it. And if you don’t wear it, you will not get the gains you are looking for.

Zygain Money Back Guarantee

The Zygain system actually includes a 180 day guarantee, which at first glance seems like a good deal. We do have some major issues with their guarantee though, most notably the fact that their is a $50 restocking fee, and any refunds after 60 days are processed through Paypal. That’s a very gracious offer, but what if you don’t have a Paypal account? You need to sign up for one, and then they take a chunk out of your refund as well.

Zygain Complete System Compared To Other Systems

When compared to other penis extender systems such as the Pro extender System or Vimax System, it is actually quite cheap. This is not always a good thing though, mainly because in order to keep the price of the product low they probably use cheap parts.

zygain vs size geneticsWhen compared to our #1 extender, the Size Genetics device, Zygain does show some promise. It does come with all natural male enhancement pills, something that Size Genetics (SG) does not. It also is about $125 cheaper than SG, but comes with alot less accessories. For one, they don’t seem to offer any additional parts with the Zygain device, which could be a problem.

Extender’s, especially cheap ones, tend to break very easily, leading you to swap out the old parts with new ones. However, if you need to order new parts, it may take as much as 2 weeks for them to arrive, we puts a serious damper in the gains you have already gained. Think of it as an interruption to your progress.


While the official site for Zygain mentions that their product is rated #1 on many review sites, the simple fact is that there really isn’t that many sites that even rank it. The Zygain extender is just that, an extender, and you can find many of these just like it through various means. We recommend that you stick with quality devices and check out our t, and always be sure to add any comfort mechanisms to your order. You’ll be thanking me in the long run.

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