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Androxybol  Review

Androxybol Review

By its very nature and mode of action, Androxybol is not really a “male sex supplement”. Rather, it’s a potent “body building and muscle building” supplement for men that can also work to improve various sexual characteristics such as penile erections, orgasm volume and duration and sperm count etc. We have reviewed this supplement in order to analyze its various features and benefits.

What is Androxybol?

Androxybol is a specific male sexual enhancement supplement for oral use that comes in the form of pills and can be used to enhance sex drive, sexual potency and performance during sexual intercourse.

Reviews, endorsements or testimonials on the product

The parent company’s website dopes feature certain reviews that seem to promote this product a typical body building supplement. We, however, could not find many reviews supporting the use of Androxybol for male sexual enhancement purposes.

Composition / ingredients of Androxybol

Unfortunately, there is no ingredients profile or labelling information even on the manufacturer’s website. The only information that we could found stated that it has multi vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids as its key ingredients.

How does Androxybol work (Mode of action)?

By nature, Androxybol is an anabolic supplement that works to increase metabolism and help make cells and tissues by amino acids (protein) build up.

Androxybol works in the following ways to exert its potential effects:

  • It increases ATP levels (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) that is needed to carry out all living processes such as respiration, physical activity and nutrient absorption. As a result body’s energy levels are tremendously increased.
  • It also increases oxygen consumption or oxygen uptake by the muscles. As a result, exercise efficiency is increased significantly and a person is able to work harder, stronger for long duration of time
  • It decreases lactic acid accumulation in the muscles. It must be remembered that it is this lactic acid build up in the muscles that makes your muscles achy and you, as a result, become fatigued and tired.
  • Finally, it also increases the testosterone levels in your blood that leads to its potential sex-related effects such as stronger erections, potent orgasms and increased semen and sperm count.

Androxybol is for you if:

  • You want to use a supplement that will boost your testosterone levels, build your muscles and help improve your body weight.  
  • You are a body builder and want to gain weight and increase your muscle mass.

Androxybol is not for you if:

  • You are overweight or obese and are looking to lose weight. 
  • You are looking for a specific male-enhancement supplement that will only address or treat your sex-related issues
  • You do not want to use a body building supplement

Pros of Androxybol

  • The product acts via multiple modes of actions and has several health benefits such as muscle building, increased body immunity, weight gain and stronger sexual performance.
  • Product comes from a well known US-based company that is known for producing anabolic products for body builders
  • There are many positive customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website about the positive role of this supplement in muscle building

Cons of Androxybol

  • The product does not have a dedicated official website. Rather, the parent company “Get Anabolic” is a US-based company.
  • Its main use is for body building purposes and not for building one’s penis (enlargement)
  • It is quite expensive as one bottle costs about $129.99 for one month supply
  • There is no refund policy or Moneyback guarantee of any kind (product can only be exchanged)

Our recommendation

Based on its purpose, which is mainly body building, use (which is muscle building), price (which is quite expensive) and refund policy (there is no Moneyback guarantee), we would not recommend this product for specific “male enhancement purposes”. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or loss of libido, there are far more specific, cheaper and safe products that you can confidently try.

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