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Stree Overlord

Dave Walker Date: May 22, 2014 Male Enhancement
Stree Overlord
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Stree Overlord

stree overlord reviewWhat sounds like an anime cartoon, stree overlord has gained significant notoriety in the Far east (particularly Japan) as a male aphrodisiac. What’s even more interesting is the website, which looks like something out of an anime website. This supplement is marketed and exported from Japan by a company called Japanese Mayo Kaisha. It also happens to be the same company that manufactures black ant pills, a leading aphrodisiac sold in the far easy.

What follows on their website is nothing short of a fable about overlords who dominated the women they bedded. Read on to see the research we conducted about these pills, see consumer reviews, pricing information, and get the low down on this male libido solving product.


Where To Buy


We searched far and wide to find a description of the ingredients in Stree Overlord but our efforts were futile. The best part about it was, after we searched their website and attempted to go back to the search results in google, we noticed that they disabled our browsers back button. You just gotta love websites that do this, they obviously are a very professional organization (catch the sarcasm?)

You should be very careful about ordering a product that is manufactured in another country, simply because many of them do not use sanitary practices.  We have a complete article about dangerous male enhancement pills that you can check out for more information.

We did snoop around a few other sites, and men’s blog talks says that it contains maca, ginseng, Catuaba bark extract, Hawthorne berry, and horny goat weed. We know from vast amounts of experience that horny goat weed (epimedium) really is a great male aphrodisiac, but should be taken with caution in men that have heart and blood pressure problems. There really is no major difference behind the formulation of stree overlord when compared to other products in its class like zenerx.


Amazon is literally filled with positive experiences from dozens of men who have used this product with both positive and negative results. Many complained of side effects, with the most common being headache, upset stomach, and trouble  sleeping. Here is a sample of some of the stree overlord reviews we found:


“tried this after a friend recommended it to me. Had alot of problems “getting it up for a long time” After about one hour, i started to feel excited, but also had a sort of a anxious feeling. Maybe it was the pills, maybe it was because i hadn’t had sex in so long, but it really started to bother me. I felt erect and could perform, but did not like the side effects.”
Tom, Ohio

“I used stree overlord for about 2 weeks, and I can honestly say it works. What i will say is to be sure you start off with a small dosage, and see what kind of effects it has on you. I started by taking 2 capsules and that was WAY TOO MUCH. I lowered the dosage the next time I took it and things worked out alot better.”
Richard, FL

“I use this product and all I can say is…this stuff works. I usually take it an hour or more before sex. but don’t take it everyday. maybe skip a day before you take another. it usually stays in my system for about 24 hours. try it, it’s awesome. or try Horny Goat Weed.”
AmpJ2, Youtube User

“I used this product and this is the best thing I ever came across. This little pill gives you stamina like you would never believe. Side effects seems to vary from person to person because I used this and until now I don”t feel any different than I did before I took it. I highly recommend this product if your looking for that extra bit of last power to get the job done…This thing is the best….Am stocking up..”
kmsoldier100, Youtube user review of stree overlord

Our Results

I bought a sample package about 2 months ago, and decided to try this product out for myself. When I got it, the first thing I noticed was that the entire packaging was in chinese characters, so I had no idea what anything said on it. I am assuming they must have mentioned something about the ingredients or maybe the side effects, but can’t be sure.

When I opened the box, it came with four small foil packages, which contained one pill each. The problem is, 2 of those packages looked like they had been tampered with. Like I’ve stated in other reviews, this can be potentially dangerous, and you should never ingest any of these pills if they appear to have been compromised in any way.

I discarded the two broken ones, and proceeded to take the pill. After about 45 minutes I started to feel a little nautious and got a slight headache, kind of like I drank too much coffee or had too much caffeine.

As far as erection quality, it turned out to be pretty good. Not my favorite one, but I felt as though this is something that could be used by guys suffering from ED. I have used alot of other products like stiff 4 hours, that have worked alot better, and the side effects of stree overlord are not something I could really look past.

Where To Buy

You can buy stree overlord at a wide variety of sex shops and online stores, often at a heavy discount. I bought mine off of Amazon for $4 for a four pack, and that was not including shipping. I can’t remember where it came from, but it was distributed by an American company, and I received it probably about 4 days after ordering. As with practically all of these types of products, this one came discreetly.

We found one great deal on ebay, where someone was selling 6 boxes of stree overlord for $0.99, however, they were charging $16 for shipping, so we assume that is how they are making their money.

One thing of importance is to make sure you are getting the right product when you order. Their seems to be a problem in the industry that when a product becomes popular, there are invariably companies that try to pawn off their own product using the stree overlord name. They will sell an exact replica of the packaging, but the ingredients and overall results will be different. I have seen this problem with libigrow, where an actual customer brought it to my attention that their were counterfeits being tossed around on the internet. Protect yourself, and make sure you order from the original distributor, XX Large LLC.


We have seen thousand of male enhancement supplements just like this one, and of course they promise to deliver a high quality product with no side effects. However, just a short look at the reviews on amazon and you will see this is simply not the case. Most of the recent reviews talk about dizzying headaches, insomnia, and a host of other problems we don’t recommend in any product. We want to let you know that you should always do your research, and never fall for any scam products.

 Stree Overlord Compared To Vigrx Plus – Our #1 Product

stree overlord results

  Stree Overlord

  • Unknown ingredients
  • Decent customer results
  • Available Online
  • Unknown reputation


vigrx plus vs stree overlord  Vigrx Plus

  • Great Customer Results
  • Contains Bioperine         
  • Clinically Proven             
  • Doctor Approved             
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